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Rino Greggio

The strength of the Greggio Group lies in its great production, technological and know-how capacity. The entire production cycle requires that every single phase of the processing of the silver alloy is carried out exclusively in Italy. From product design and construction of the molds to casting and rolling, from molding, welding and cleaning gradually to the finished product, everything takes place within its own plants in Padua. The personalization and creation of objects is an integral part of the service offered by the Greggio Group. Engraving a company name, a logo, a brand, a pay-off on cutlery or crockery identifies the sector operators' desire for uniqueness and exclusivity. Personalization is an added value that also emphasizes the quality of the finish of the product itself. For this it must be performed perfectly, further enhancing the image of the product. Rino Greggio is a strategic partner to pursue a luxury lifestyle. From private residences to multi-star hotels, to projects of extreme quality and made to measure; offers an unrivaled service of excellent services supported by a team of industry experts. Skilled craftsmen, international experience and a portfolio of projects make the company unique in its kind for over 70 years.