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De Vecchi

Silver is a mirror. The environmental images are reflected on the object’s surface, rendering the perception of the shape ambiguous.

Designing silver does not simply signify designing a form but a support for the reflected images, capable of liberating the material’s infinite and unexpeted expressive richness.

For years now De Vecchi has innovated the silver ware tradition through its own personal creative design language, based on the reflective qualities of the material itself.

Various products have been created over the years that reflect light and the surrounding environment, in such a way that the sequences of the mirror- like images render the objects mobile, in continuous evolution.

Over 70 years of activity has created a constellation of recognition, from the Triennale Awards, to a recommendation for the Compasso D’Oro. De Vecchi has taken part in prestigious exhibitions internationally in the ambient of Italian design. In 1997 the Triennale of Milan exhibited ‘The language of Mirrors’, a monographic retrospective of De Vecchi works and the protagonists who contributed to enriching the companies repertoires.

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