Dal 1971 orologi e gioielli di lusso
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An unprecedented endeavor in the world of luxury timepieces.
Ingenieux portrays the impact of different cultures, aesthetic clash,
and a relentless pursuit of beauty through original design and authenticity.
By combining the most iconic luxury watches, Ingenieux is not just a merging of forms but a collision of talents.
Sophisticated technology & complications bring to life the rarest timepieces of all time.
The myth is still alive. Welcome to the golden age of watchmaking.
We are defined by the human dimension of time and legacy is the measure of our value.
We have always been fascinated by the world of haute horlogerie, for its expression of beauty and precision crafting, and intrigued by its constant evolution.
What’s around our wrist, today, is closer to an "objet du desir" than to a timekeeper.
We wear accessories that represent us and our World, a statement about our time.
Is a design collision, a form of art coming from the cosmic impact of creative minds.