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Tradition, excellence, high quality and research of materials: these are the values ​​that have always been in the heart of Buccellati, a company founded by the homonymous Milanese family of jewelers, which has preserved its stylistic identity for more than a hundred years, reliving and implementing ancient goldsmith techniques.

rom Mario's first masterpieces, passing through Gianmaria's sumptuous creations to Andrea's refined pièces uniques, the Buccellati have “reinvented” these traditions, innovating techniques, materials, shapes and types with creativity and originality. Engraving, fretwork and chaining thus become part of an ongoing creative process, of continuous experimentation and improvement that for over a century have contributed to the creation of unique and unrepeatable pieces, with original and exclusive motifs. Savoir fair and creativity: this is the combination that has made the Buccellati style famous and unparalleled in the world.