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The Philo brand was born in Milan, the city of Italian fashion, design and style par excellence. Philo was conceived and produced by the Gubo studio, specialized in fashion design and luxury accessories and already creator of successful brands including OPSOBJECTS and SNOBMilano eyewear. Philo was born from the desire to propose a simple and refined jewel, unique but universal and with a great evocative force; a jewel full of messages to be lived and shared. Within the same pendant coexist multiple symbolic evocations that are not mutually exclusive but complement each other, capable of communicating beyond any language and any stereotype; for this reason Philo Milano, with its elegant and essential evocative force, is ageless but is aimed at everyone as dreamers and guardians of their emotions, to take with them or to give to the most precious people. Love, friendship, luck, happiness, health, destiny, strength, balance, are some of the values ​​that Philo Milano presents in its collections through golden icons proposed as elements of personalization of each single jewel. A jewel for everyone but for everyone unique and unrepeatable.