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Montblanc, the art of writing
The Montblanc story begins in 1906, thanks to the intuition of two German businessmen. Today, after more than a hundred years, the precious fountain pens of the famous brand are among the most loved and sought after by collectors. It is the beginning of 1900, that century of modernity and innovation so full of changes and artistic innovations. Alfred Nehemias, banker from Hamburg, and August Eberstein, engineer from Berlin, quickly grasp this prolific air and decide to devote themselves together to the production of fountain pens. "Manufacturers of high quality gold fountain pens" is with this declaration that the history of Montblanc begins, in 1908. The company was born with the name of "Simplo Filler Pen Co.", simple, like the design of the new fountain pen with built-in tank. The two founders are then joined by another businessman from Hamburg, Claus Johannes Voss and Max Koch, a bank who had the necessary capital to start up production: the company was officially registered. The early years are turbulent. The initial agreement saw Voss and Koch as investors (50,000 brands each) while the first two founders would be in charge of production, patents and know-how. Koch, however, has an expensive lifestyle and does not provide the promised financing: Voss is looking for a new investor, finding him in Christian Lausen. The same year, "Simplo Filler Pen Co." becomes a corporation. In 1909 Eberstein fled to the USA after stealing funds from the company, but at the same time the "Rouge et Noir", a re-entering black and red hard rubber, was launched on the market. It was in that year that the name "Montblanc" was also established: legend has it that during a game of cards, a relative of one of the partners compared the pen, which has become the finest example of writing instruments, to Mont Blanc, the most majestic peak of the Alps. Here was born, in 1913, the very famous logo, the rounded star that represents the very top of Mont Blanc: it is the symbol of the brand's commitment to high quality and the desire to achieve highest levels of European artisanal production.
In addition to the "Rouge et Noir", Montblanc also began the production of the "Simple", a dropper filler pen, and the "Diplomatum", a model with a short cap. Meanwhile, Nehemias, the first founder, dies prematurely. The company therefore has a new management. The war years arrive, complicated, obviously, for the production. After the conflict, however, the business resumed at full capacity, thanks also to commercial strategies and advertising, in those years created a designer from the Bauhaus, Grete Gross. 1924 was a key year for Montblanc and for the history of writing: the “Meisterstück” collection was launched and thus introduced one of the most famous writing instruments in the world, their “Masterpiece”. The new pens are produced in three versions (25, 35, 45, so called according to their price in marks), with a lifetime warranty and the engraving “4810” - the height of Mont Blanc. At the end of the 1920s, the brand established itself in over 60 countries around the world. The company expands its product range, introducing pencil cases, pen holders and notebook holders thanks to the acquisition of a leather products manufactory in Offenbach, Germany. The Second World War slows down the business again: the company continues to produce mainly for the government but then, in 1944, during a bombing the Montblanc factory was completely destroyed. In 1946 production resumed after a quick reconstruction of the factory. The 1950s saw the launch of the legendary "Meisterstück 149", also made famous by President John F. Kennedy when, in 1963, he lent it to the German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, taking him away from a moment of embarrassment on a public occasion. In the 1950s, plastic resin was introduced, and the previous production was discontinued. 
In addition, Montblanc manages to juggle the ballpoint pen revolution, initially relying on an external company for production. This is a very important decade, since the "60 Line" was born, the first great new line of the brand after the "Meisterstück". In the Eighties the famous slogan "Montblanc - The Art of Writing" was launched which became a reference point for many other luxury brands: the fountain pen became a real status symbol. In 1992 the "Montblanc de la Culture Arts Patronage Award" project was born, which celebrates the great patrons of art and thus the first limited editions "Lorenzo de 'Medici", the "Patron of Art" and the Writers Edition "Hemingway were launched. ”, Which become very popular with collectors all over the world. In recent years, the company has also dedicated itself to high-end watchmaking, jewelry, perfumes and luxury goods and is now part of the Richemont group.



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